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Task 4: 5th May 2021
Speaking Task

Upload a video on your dashboard covering the following topic:
Is the government doing enough to tackle Covid -19?

Note: Video should be uploaded on your dashboard
once completed write completed in the comment box

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Task 3: 5th May 2021
Listening Task
A rock star talks about her daily routine.
Listen to the mp3 file and put the words from the table into her itinerary. There are four extra phrases you don't need to use. Then listen again to check.
a coffee
to bed
my newspaper
a pastry and a coffee
with the music with my friends
to eat in a restaurant
until about midday
my e-mail
to relax
the internet
do some shopping first

Elisa's Diary
7.00: I get up.

8.00: Check _______________________.

9.00: Use _______________________.

10.00: Have _______________________. in a cafe and read_______________________.

11.00: My car arrives to take me to the studio.

12.00: Drink _______________________. with other members of the group. Then start work.

1.00 - 2.00: Recording in the studio.

3.00: Eat _______________________.

4.00 - 6.00: Help the rest of the group _______________________..

7.00: _______________________. home.

9.00 - 10.00: Go out _______________________.

11.00: Go _______________________.

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Task 2: 5th May 2021
Mixed Tenses
Fill in the correct form of the verb – All tenses
1. They ___________________ in Chicago for 20 years (be).
2. I ___________________ a wonderful film in the cinema last night. (see)
3. The sun ___________________ at 6:38 yesterday morning (rise)
4. The sun ___________________ when the climber reached Mount Everest. (shine)
5. I promise that I ___________________ this secret to anyone (not tell)
6. Unfortunately, just as we got to the airport their plane ___________________ off (take).
7. They ___________________ to the movies only once in a while (go)
8. I was tired yesterday because I ___________________ well the night before (not sleep).
9. Sh! Someone ___________________ to our conversation (listen)!
10. When I left the house this morning, it ___________________ (already rain)
11. I think Bob ___________________ for London this very moment.(leave)
12. The plane ___________________ off in a few minutes. (take)
13. I ___________________ up at 7 every morning but this morning I ___________________ long and I
___________________ up until 8. (get, sleep, not get)
14. I ________________________ my watch because it is being fixed (not wear).
15. This ___________________ an easy quiz so far (be).
16. They ___________________ in an apartment right now because they can’t find a cheap house.
17. Everyone ___________________ when the earthquake hit the small town. (sleep)
18. He _________________________ by herself since her divorce (live)
19. I was angry that I ___________________ such a stupid mistake (make).
20. I predict that by 2020, man __________________________ on Mars (land)
21. He ___________________ his job a couple of years ago. (quit)
22. Our daughter __________________________ from the university yet (gradate).
23. They ___________________ any Christmas cards last year (not send)
24. She ___________________ to a doctor once a year for an examination (go)
25. They ___________________ about me when I interrupted their conversation. (talk)
26. Nothing much ______________________ when I got to the meeting (happen).
27. My parents ___________________ in New York two weeks from today (be).
28. I ___________________ two mistakes in the last quiz. (make)
29. Unfortunately, our team ___________________ any games last year. (not win)

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Task 1: 5th May 2021
Mixed Tenses
Fill in the correct form of the verb – All tenses
1. My family have ___________________ (buy) some land in southern France recently. They___________________ (build) a summer house there at the moment.
2. Andy and Mary ___________________ (go) to a concert tomorrow night. They____________________________ (look forward to) it the whole week.
3. Jonathon ___________________ (watch) the news on TV every day and it ___________________ (help) him with his English.
4. My car ___________________ (break) down when I ___________________ (drive) home from work. I ________________________ (fix) it if I ___________________ (know) what was wrong. But I didn’t so ___________________ (have) to take it to the garage.
5. When he ___________________ (found) Microsoft, Bill Gates was only 20 years old. He___________________________ (already write) his first computer programme six years earlier.
6. An accident ___________________ (happen) near my house last night. A car _______________ (hit) a young man. He ___________________ (ride) his bike when someone in front of him suddenly ___________________ (open) a car door. Many people ___________________ (see) the accident. The police ___________________ (interrogate) them last night.
7. Mrs Smith said that one day she ________________________ (retire) from teaching. She said that she ___________________ (spend) her new free time learning about computers.
8. I ______________________ (not sleep) at all last night. Someone ___________________ (listen) to music all night.
9. I ___________________ (see) a film a week ago, but I _______________________ (not enjoy) it
very much because I _______________________ (already read) the book. If I___________________ (not read) the book I____________________________ (probably enjoy) the film more.
10. The judge sentenced the man to eight years in prison because he ___________________ (rob) a bank.
11. They ________________________ (stand) in the queue for over an hour when the manager___________________ (tell) them that there were no more tickets.
12. Alan ___________________ (be) in the car accident yesterday. The other driver___________________ (lose) control of his car because he ___________________ (fall) asleep.
13. She ___________________ (not see) her father since he ___________________ (start) to work in Marseille two years ago.
14. I ___________________ (sleep) when the fire broke out.
15. Linda phoned and explained that she _________________________ (not can) to come to the party
the next day because she ___________________ (be) still sick.
16. I ________________________ (just see) the film “The Da Vinci Code”. – ___________________(you see) it too? – No, I ___________________ (not have) but I ___________________ (read) the book.
17. My sister ___________________ (fly) home from London today. Her flight ___________________(arrive) in an hour so I ___________________ (leave) for the airport right now to get there in time.
18. Unless he ___________________ (sell) more he won’t get much money.
19. While he ___________________ (wait) for the bus there ___________________ (be) a robbery at the bank. After the robbers ___________________ (go) away the police ___________________(come) but they ___________________ (not can) to catch them.
20. I ___________________ (use) to ski when I was at the university but I ___________________
(break) a leg five years ago and since then I ___________________ (not ski) any more

Task 4: 30th April 2021
Idioms and Phrases
Find the meaning and Frame a sentence using Idioms and Phrases.
1. Grab a bite
2. Take it easy
3. Go with the flow
4. Twenty-four seven
5. Under the weather
6. Don't sweat it
7. You can say that again
8. Broke
9. Beats Me
10. I Don't Buy it


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