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Look Deep Into Nature , Then You Will Understand Everything Better.

The word "NATURE" itself have the POWER to describe YOU 

Most of us never go further than this. We know We Love Nature, We Know We Feel Great in Nature , and We Spend Time in Nature. But We Don’t Know How to Connect With Nature in an Intentional Way. But there is so much more! They are an invitation to discover your own true nature and to live your life with Nature.

We survive because of NATURE arround us. It has the power to make us happy , you just need to believe.We only understand this by spending more time outside with the nature. Then only we come to know the fact , that the nature has the best heeling powers. The smell of soil , The noise of rain , Chirping birds , Colours of Rainbow , Beauty with the snow , Night fireflies makes everything beautiful , Moon with the stars and countless more . Nature always gives us examples to never give up . Nature denotes the interaction between the physical world and you. Everytime you look , you learn something new. The only way to understand yourself , is to understand nature . Nature is something you can never understand as a whole , because every nature has its own behaviour. In our lives everything happens that happens for a reaso And the reason is Nature. 

Nature response when you ask something , nature gives answers to your questions. Only the fact is we don't understand. Nature talks doesnt mean it Speaks. Nature does communicate. Humans find symbols in nature and are able to relate their life to the way nature works. Nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it also contributes to your physical wellbeing. 

And for this you need a good place to sit back and observe the nature working. See, hear, smell, and feel, and allow yourself to enjoy it. Then start communicating with the Nature and to Yourself. 

Pay Attention to it and Observe It, Then You Will See That The Answer of Your Questions Has Been Given.

 For example, let’s say you share a frustration with a tree: your colleagues or supervisor at work won’t allow you to pursue your ideas. Then, you notice that your tree looks like it was initially growing in one direction, but something got in the way and now it’s growing—and thriving—in another. It’s as if the tree is saying, “Grow where you can! Send your energy to where you will be nurtured!” A sense of peace envelops you as you lay down a fruitless struggle. Then a new creative space emerges as a more helpful question dawns on you: “Where can I grow?”

 It can be hard to ‘hear’ nature in this way, but it gets easier with practice. The rewards are worth it.

When You Communicate With the Elements in Nature in this way, Such as a Tree or a Flower or a Mountain, Then You Will be More Able to Sense, Communicate and Belong To Nature as a Whole.

 You’ll be amazed that how much wonder and joy this brings! 

Nature Always Gives Us The Best , But We Give Them Everything Rest. All it Want To Be Protected.